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Paskelbta | 2023 Kovo 16d. | 21:25
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air-cooled stand mounting cooler RMFL-1000 is specially designed for the 1000-1500W handheld laser welding machine. With a dual circuit configuration, this air-cooled water cooler can cool the laser source and welding head simultaneously. The design of the stand holder allows this cooler to be very flexible and easy to use.
The RMFL-1000 laser water cooler is also CE, ROHS, REACH and ISO approved and is charged with an environmentally friendly refrigerant, so it will not cause any pollution to the environment. With a cooling capacity of 3400 W, this cooler is sufficient for efficient cooling of a manual laser welding machine.
The cooler warranty is 2 years.
SKYPE: teyuchiller
Phone: + 86-20-89301885
Fax: + 86-20-84309967
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